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Monday, March 6th, 2017 - Nasional, News
Streets in Indonesia. This is a story about the State of water called Indonesia. Indonesia is indeed a country rich in water. Its strategic location, between the continents of Asia and Australia, between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, and crossed the equator, making the water came barely know the seasons. 
This land area is mostly water. In March this year the water still convey the story around us. Unlike usual, March this year still continue natural phenomena rain down with dense, which come and go at will on its own.


As a result, occasional submissions came flooding, forcing hundreds of people living in the river evacuate, some areas hit by landslides, even in a few other areas occur in other phenomenon that is no less daunting: banned land, as if the Earth asunderHeavy rains, floods, and soil that is banned can indeed bring tragedy. Tfentu not thewater. Water is never wrong. He came on time, according to certain rules. He went at the time, according to a certain size.

Water could calm hidden in the depth of ground hundreds of meters. Water can be very dangerous if the water collection lot number bertriwikrama can be a dauntingdeluge and washed away everything.

Rain water can be a good companion if much is absorbed into the ground and thenpartially flowing through the waterways that naturally they select themselves such as kalen, ditches, streams, small to large rivers.

When ditebangi trees, not enough roots that bind water, water returned looking forhis, let alone most watersheds (DAS) has undergone a change of function.


Jalan Pintas Memperbaiki Jalan

Water no matter should tear down the ground or even tear down the Hill or suddenly make the Earth become banned. According to experts, most of the events occurred because the banned the use of ground water.

In the era of supermodem as it is now, with increasingly sophisticated technology, people easily take water directly from the ground up to depth of hundreds of meters.

Unfortunately, such everlasting retrieval is not done with the correct control can It is important to do.

Heavy rain as if also prey on asphaltblacktop streets so that it appears the phenomenon which badly damaged highways everywhere. Community who are tired with this situation then responded with a joke as a natural phenomenon, the hole tour jeglongan 1,000 sewu, and others.

A satire interesting or maybe they’re tired of expletive expressing anger. Many of the causes why the path of fast breaks, for example the practice of corruption, causingground water drained. The consequences could be very dangerous. Land of the lostpower so easily banned.

With a growing number of inhabitants with all his needs, chances are the exploitation of groundwater will increase, especially the industrialization needs often ignore the factors of water conservation.

If not offset by the influx of water into the soil, eventually will be banned land phenomenon often occurs. Despite the cliché, reforestation or afforestation movement back by planting as many trees into action a project of desultory work, a lot of the excess charge vehicle passing over it, and it all becomes increasingly damaged with bad drainage.


A small ditch or pampat is not able to accommodate the amount of water passing.As a result, water melimpas into the street, colonize the proper path traversed by the man.

Oddly, the roadwork done often just be a solution short of short term improvements to alias and then broken again because of the drainage lines repaired not participate. Let alone heavy vehicles with excessive tonnage still often crossed paths.

Although lately the issue of damage to roads was taken to the realm of politics, the actual roadwork is more about the power of the water. All handling of water aroundthe road is not resolved then the way will never work out.

Whether it’s the way the village, the road districts, provincial road, or national roads, water does not care about any of it. So, the actual damaged more than just politics.It’s about the wisdom we are fixing the water so that the water could not use our roads. Damaged Streets

In the villages around Solo, in a number of new settlements, which was once a former rice field acreage, many roads become damaged by runoff water from the rice field acreage is still there. Damaged Streets

Certainly also not wrong because across the street that‘s not necessarily spoiled. Not only that, a number of old housing was not affected by the outbreak began flooding swamped.

It all happened because of spatial and land use do not consider water. In the area of technical irrigation since the days of Netherlands was already taken into account now stands a lot of housing.

As a result the fertile ground not only diminished, housing the often hastily built that many who are less than perfect. The story surrounding the ferocity of this water is still not going to end up.

We are still not friendly with water. From which we must remedy this situation? If not we ask ourselves should we ask that totter grass..

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